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An eco-friendly material
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Les Naturals, BLUE ANGEL label.

Papers meeting strict technical and environmental criteria such as the exclusion of dangerous substances and the use of fibers made from 100% waste paper.

This label guarantees that our products are 100% made with recycled cellulose fibers and without any dangerous substances.




Our plant is equipped with a purification plant allowing the treatment of polluted water before discharge. Polluted water is not reintroduced into the manufacturing process, which allows the use of micro-organism-free water that usually develop in recycled water circuits. The sewage sludge generated is stored in drying areas and then used for agricultural application.

We respect the ICPE regulations (Classified Industry for the Protection of the Environment): We limit our water consumption and respect strict standards of discharges in a natural environment.


The holder is self-sufficient

The entanglement of the different fibers of recovery cellulose that constitutes Les Naturals gives this material a soft touch and the very natural appearance of a raw material. This material is particularly suitable for the creation of packaging, communication folders, mailing cards and all products contributing to the development of natural products or communication on the theme of the environment.

This holder carries a message of a natural eco-friendly material.



Les Naturals are entirely made in France.
French luxury for Les Naturals, it is an environmentally friendly production with a paper made exclusively of recycled fibers, with a permanent concern of quality research and resistance of the sheets, together with a permanent mindset for sustainability and recycling.
Luxury French for Les Naturals is also an exclusive and noble sense of our product, which combines ecology and high-end.
With Les Naturals, give your desires and exclusivities the freedom of choice, with a note of high-end luxury and chic French style!


Your request is unique!
We study your project as early as possible, from the design of your product.
Our design department becomes your partner for a product / packaging co-design.



For Les Naturals, even your small production runs are valuable to us.
Elegance is all the more beautiful when it is rare!

Les Naturals - une matière respectueuse de son environnement