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Our Les Naturals range was born “naturally” from our century-old know-how in the production of compact cardboard made from recycled cellulose fibers. The meticulous choice of the fibers used and the work on the formation of the sheet, obtained after years of testing, bring this unparalleled raw and natural grain, which makes all the nobility of this material. With Les Naturals, no need to print, paper alone is enough !



It was in 1925 that René Jean decided to create the cardboard celloderme factory.
In 1927 the project was mature and the machines were installed in the mill of Celle Dunoise.

A “meuleton”, 2 refined stacks and a cardboard machine with a manual cutter made it possible, from old paper, to make celloderm for the many shoe factories present in the Limoges region. The company then developed, equipping itself with thermo-mechanical and then electric power.

It then buys a coal boiler and a dryer, making it possible for production to reach 5 T / day of celloderm.
In 1972, production began on an automatic production line at the Bonnat site.
The current production capacity of Celloderm is 25 T / day.
A second continuous cardboard production line was launched in 1996 enabling Cartonnerie Jean to develop the production of cardboard and tinted cardboard. Cartonnerie Jean created Les Naturals, a high-quality 100% recycled cardboard box.



The first mixes were made by Jean Gabriel in the early 90’s in a bathtub! After many tests and different mixtures, the perfect composition was found. The cardboard is launched on a machine; Les Naturals range was born. Produced on a 100% recycled paper base, it is as durable and lasting as a natural cardboard. In close collaboration with a German partner with extensive experience in transformation, the success of Les Naturals range came soon after.

Today, the reputation of this natural range, well known in Europe, is has reached the Middle East, Asia and the United States. Available today in 17 colors and 3 thicknesses, Les Naturals range is not only a fad, but has become a timeless classic from natural materials for the packaging and communication industry.

First machine
Maren Thomsen transformateur les Naturals



A high-end material for personality products! Les Naturals are used for tailor-made creations, far removed from industrial manufacturing.

It is because of the constant search for quality, perfectionism, handmade and meticulous work that Les Naturals are naturally “sublimated” since their creation by Maren Thomsen, a Berlin company, one of the only paper and cardboard converters that combines modern production processes with semi-automatic manufacturing machines, combined with highly skilled manual work and a love of detail.


Creasing, cutting, half-timber cutting, laminating, assembly, laser cutting, printing, embossing … where industrial production reaches its limits, Berliners start to work! Special machines are carefully maintained to produce high quality paper and cardboard products. A clever blend of high technology, craftsmanship, precision and passion, reflects the soul of Les Naturals.

Many years of experience and international cooperation allow us today to produce large and very complex series. Thus, each piece becomes unique, whether ten or ten thousand pieces, from the simple box with a lid to the very elaborate box, from the folder to the box of chocolates!

Les Naturals: imagination, your imagination is your only limit!

Les Naturals, une gamme de produits développée par La Cartonnerie Jean